Prosthodontics is dealing with the restoration of natural teeth and the replacement of missing teeth. It involves diagnosing, planning, rehabilitating and maintaining the oral function and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing and deficient teeth.

A loss of natural teeth can occur for any number of reasons, whether naturally as part of the aging process or in an accident. Tooth damage can occur as a result of teeth grinding, exposure to damage or even due to a reduction of salivary flow.

Tooth loss or damage can leave the patient feeling traumatized and self-conscious, altering their perception of the world and even resulting in feelings of embarrassment or insecurity. Simple pleasures like enjoying a meal in a restaurant or smiling and laughing can become stressful and distressing.

However with the help of a practitioner you can regain your confidence and improve your smile with professional prosthodontics, such as veneers or dentures. At our dental clinic in Limassol you will have a full consultation before deciding on a treatment that will work for you. Having performed a thorough examination, one of our qualified dentists will develop a treatment plan based on your unique circumstances while also taking into account your personal preferences.

The area of prosthodontics is vast and there are many prosthodontic treatments available including veneers, fixed partial dentures (bridges), crowns, partial dentures andĀ dentures. Whether you have veneers, bridges, crowns or one of the many other forms of prosthodontic treatments available, you will be certain to leave our premises with a fully restored and healthy smile.

The Stoma Dental Clinic uses contemporary techniques and procedures designed to restore your smile. Our dentists have undergone rigorous training to perform prosthodontic treatment, and will expertly restore or replace your teeth, helping you to return your confidence within no time.