General Checkup

“This is my second experience with a dentist in Limassol and I can say I found a doctor that I want to go to for the rest of my life. My first dentist in Limassol did not gave me the impression of a doctor, but of an business man, everything was about the money. I found Stoma Dental Clinic very easy, on the internet, I`ve dropped them a message, and I was contacted very soon by doctor Christos Papadimitriou – we arranged an appointment – for a consult, which was free of charge, totally different from my other experience and I had a feeling that I will follow the treatment prescribed by dr. Christos. Now, I can say that i feel extremely comfortable entering the clinic run by Dr. Christos – I know that I will get the best treatment from one of the best dental clinics in Limassol – definitely recommended.”

Teeth Whitening

“I recently visited the Stoma Dental Clinic for teeth whitening. When you first enter the clinic the environment is very relaxing and it’s easy to forget that you are at a dental clinic. You immediately feel at ease by Dr. Christos’ calm nature. As he began the treatment I didn’t once feel uncomfortable and the entire process was quick and pain free. Following the treatment Dr Christos offered me plenty of information to ensure that I keep my teeth in the best condition possible. I was really happy with the experience at the Stoma Dental Clinic and will definitely return for future appointments.”

Dental Implants

“I have been using the Stoma Dental Clinic for some time now and I am incredibly satisfied with the level of service I am receiving there. The clinic is beautiful and the service is very professional. I get my teeth cleaned there regularly but recently needed dental implants after losing a tooth. Although I was nervous about having the implants fitted the experience was very smooth even though I have always been a little nervous about visiting a dentist. I am very happy with the service I received from Dr. Christos and his team. They made me feel comfortable and completely at ease throughout the entire process and the end result was perfect. I can now eat and talk very comfortably which was much more difficult before. I can only thank the Stoma Dental Clinic for their excellent level of service. I will certainly be recommending my family and friends to the Stoma Dental Clinic.”

Porcelain Facings

“I recently had porcelain facings to improve the colour of my teeth and they are now bright and clean and I am thrilled with them. I have always felt reassured when visiting the Stoma Dental Clinic as I receive the best care and treatment possible from Doctor Christos and his team. Doctor Christos is an excellent listener who always takes my concerns into account. Overall, I had a great experience getting my porcelain facings and I was in very good hands. I would recommend Doctor Christos to anyone.”